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We are a UK-based historical re-enactment group consisting of Grymmís World of Wonders, Tooms Medical Marvels and the Grymm-Tooms Picture Company, covering the Victorian era from 1860 Ė 1900 and the Edwardian period 1901 to 1918. We are based in London and operate in and around the M25 area although we are willing to travel further if required.

The late 19th century was a time of incredible discovery, invention and change and it is our intention to illustrate a broad spectrum of experiences throughout that period. Many of our exhibits are unique and hand made by us. We are not a 'medicine show' or 'flim-flam' artists, nor a shop for that matter (although we do owe a debt to the great showman Phineas T Barnum) Ė we are a museum, and much of what we show is about manís place in nature, his effect on it, and interpretation of it throughout the Victorian era. We also include a collection of early optical devices which brought the world to the parlour for the first time.

The purpose of the site is not only to introduce our services, but also to serve as a resource for studying this period. After each event, Professor Grymm writes an article which not only gives a flavour of the event for those that weren't there, but also includes links to allow the reader to follow up the historical research for themselves. Many of the exhibits seem fantastical to the casual viewer, but each of them has been carefully documented and we encourage our visitors to explore this world of wonders for themselves.

We are available for multi-period, Victorian or Edwardian (up to the end of the Great War) re-enactment living history events. We also have our own public liability insurance.

2015 Events: Our calendar for this year is going to be taken up by other interests, so we are likely to attend fewer events, but if you click here we will post them as usual. To read about our past events, click here.

You can contact us if you have events planned for this year or anything else by sending an email to (just click on the link.)

We can also illustrate other aspects of Victorian pastimes such as playing Croquet and other Living History activities.

Grymmís World of Wonders Includes:
  • The intrepid explorer Professor Leonidas C. Grymm recounts incidents from his many travels around the World.
  • He outlines the history of Palaeontology up to the controversial discovery of Neanderthal man in 1856.
  • On show is a collection of Natural History specimens, tribal artefacts and curios.
  • The curios include the Feegee Mermaid, the story of the last great auk, and the club that killed Captain Cook.
  Tooms Medical Marvels Includes:
  • A history of the advancements made in medicine since the discovery of chloroform in 1834.
  • Doctor Lazarus Tooms describes in detail the method of diagnosing and curing common ailments caused by miasma, using the medicines available at the time.
  • Illustrated surgical procedures, such as amputation, using specimens and models, including the case of Phineas Gage.
  • As a famed Anatomist, Dr Tooms includes several examples of comparative anatomy which can be used to show Manís place in Nature.
  Grymm-Tooms Picture Company Includes:
  • A selection of photographs illustrating Victorian life.
  • A Magic Lantern and various slides depicting comic tales and melodramas.
  • A number of optical effects and illusions designed to show the working of the human eye.
  • Some mechanical devices such as a Praxinoscope and Zoetrope, capable of bringing movement to drawings.


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