Grymm Tooms Travelling Museum
Norbert Game Rules



Basic Game: The game starts when a driver or passenger spots a Norbert and shouts “Norbert!”

Points are awarded depending on type of Norbert. 1 point is deducted if they are wrong.

Hard Core Norbert Rules: the Spotter must call Norbert and type while the lorry is either tail on or ahead , but still far enough away that only the front or rear is visible – a wrong answer results in minus points equal to the Norbert type value. E.g. “Red Head” (-3) or “Water Norbert” (-5) etc…

Long Norbert 1 pt

Short Norbert 1 pt

Double Norbert 2 pts

Red head Norbert 3 pts

White Norbert 4 pts

Norbert hybrid  5 pts *

 Lesser Water Norbert 5 pts

Water Norbert 5 pts

Great Water Norbert 5 pts Red Water Norbert  15 pts

Mini Norbert 10 pts

Hard Norbert 10 pts

Norbert Cab 20 pts

Advert Norbert 5 pts   Norberteer on ground wearing regalia: 50 pts

* Norbert Hybrid can be a combo of NB head or body with head or body of another company

Acquiring Norberteer flight jacket – priceless!