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An Interview with Iconoclastic Fury - July 2013



While we were staying over at Zonnebeke we managed to catch up with our favourite Heavy Metal group Iconoclastic Fury who were playing nearby. After the gig I caught up with their lead guitarist and vocalist Eddie Norbert who kindly let me interview him about the band and their current tour.

GT Eddie, the band has been together for, what, five years now. How are you coping with success?

EN Itís great! The way things have changed in the last two years means that we have more freedom to play the tunes we like in the places that we like. For us, itís always been about the music and the fans.

GT I remember when you had just started out and were playing in pubs in London. Whatís it like in the bigger venues?

EN To be honest, itís pretty much the same. We canít really see the audience past the spotlights, so we just play the music the way we always did. The biggest difference is the sound. Hearing two thousand voices joining in with a number like Earworm is just a fantastic buzz.

GT Most of the songs you played tonight were from your new album The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Could you tell us a little bit about the making of it?

EN Sure, the first thing is that it seems we timed it perfectly. There is a lot of interest in zombies right now. Thereís at least three movies out there. World War Z, The Worldís End and that American one where everyone plays a version of themselves.

GT This is the End

EN Thatís the one. It looks like we are following a trend, but weíve been working on that album for six months.

GT It looks like you captured the zeitgeist.

EN But we didnít, itís just a coincidence!

GT Er, yes. But about the album?

EN Well the first track we wrote Missy Zombie is about an undead teenager who sleeps through the apocalypse.

GT She must be a heavy sleeper.

EN Which is why we play it so loud.

GT (Laughter.)

EN Anyway, after we wrote that track we found we had a sort of concept album going on with songs like Potflesh and Gimp in a Cage just fitting in.

GT Where does Lost in Metz fit in?

EN That one is autobiographical about the time we were touring in Alsace. We parked our tour bus in the underground car park in Metz and spent two hours trying to find it again Ė and it was a big tour bus! Metz is a crazy place but we love it.

GT Can I ask you about Porky Trans? Whatís that all about?

EN Well it isnít anything to do with cross-dressing!

GT (Laughter.)

EN It was just a name we saw on a lorry one day and it seemed like a neat title. Itís the same thing with Shop of Dreams.

GT You finished the set with your greatest hit Golden Handwash. Does it annoy you that the press keep trying to suggest it is something about sex?

EN You mean the way they call it ďHandjobĒ? Yeah, a little bit I guess. They keep trying to suggest itís some kind of kinky sex thing, but itís really a sad story about something that happened to a great friend of ours. I donít want to go into details.

GT Finally, you were supported tonight by your usual backing group, Llama Tsunami. Could you tell us how they got their name?

EN Apparently itís to do with the way Llamas go to the toilet. If one of them has a wee, they all join in. Itís a sort of social thing. So if you are downhill and one of them starts, then itís a Llama Tsunami!

GT Eddie, thank you for your time. I hope that Iconoclastic Fury has a great year and that we get to see you again next year.

EN Thanks. Remember you can always follow us on Twitter with the hash tag #iconoclasticfury.

GT Cheers, and good luck.